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                  The School Held a Grand Opening Ceremony for 2020 Students

                  2020-10-28  Click:[]

                  On the morning of October 24th, the opening ceremony of the 2020 freshmen was held in the auditorium. President Cai Guowei, deputy secretary of the school party committee Li Chen, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Li Dongling, vice president Wang Jianguo, Guan Xiaohui, and Wang Qingzhou, members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee Yan Qiangui and Liu Hui, and the school’s colleges and related departments Leaders attended the ceremony. Vice President Wang Qingzhou presided over the ceremony. The school presented a special opening ceremony for the 2020 freshmen by means of "live + online live broadcast".


                  The opening ceremony kicked off with the vigorous and majestic national anthem.


                  Li Hongyuan, Director of the Graduate Work Department, announced the list of all levels and various awards for graduate students of our school; Wang Yanpeng, Director of the Student Work Department (Division) announced the list of all levels and various awards for our school-based college students; Sun Bin, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, announced the 2019-2020 academic year Our school students participate in various professional competitions. The school hopes that the commended students will cherish the honor, carry forward their achievements, make persistent efforts, and achieve better results. At the same time, we hope that the majority of students will follow their examples, be diligent in learning, be good at creativity, and strive to become a red, professional, and talented person. , A newcomer of the era of comprehensive development.


                  School leaders presented awards to representatives of the winning collectives and individuals.


                  Freshman representative and classmate Meng Xuanyu of Class 202 of Computer Science shared the excitement and joy of entering the school in his speech, thanked the NEEPU family for their warm care, expressed that they will inherit NEEPUs spirit, strive to explore the truth, persevere in the pursuit of truth, and be brave. Forge ahead, pioneers, and devotees of the times.


                  Representatives of students, the chairman of the student union, Zhang Mowen, class 184 of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, on behalf of all the students, expressed their heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to the 2020 students from all over the world! He hoped that the younger students would follow the school motto "Diligent, Rigorous, Practical and Innovative" as the guide, strive for knowledge, and use their wisdom and courage to create a wonderful life.


                  Teacher representative and teacher Zhang Yangrui of the School of Foreign Languages hope that students will cherish the times, cherish NEEPU, cherish health, walk with dreams with an optimistic attitude, and use their professional knowledge and skills to contribute to the country and society.


                  In his speech, Cai Guowei, on behalf of all the teachers and students of the school, extended a warm welcome to the 6172 new classmates and congratulated to the students for opening a new chapter in their lives. He pointed out that the new arrival students added youthful vitality to the autumn campus and injected vigorous momentum into the school's future. The glorious title of NEEPU people has become your new identity and the school’s 71-year rich heritage has become your new wealth', and the mission of power to serve the country' has become your new navigation mark.'"


                  President Cai offered his earnest hope to the 2020 freshmen. he hope you will put patriotism first and strengthen your ideals and beliefs. We must firmly establish patriotic ideals, vigorously promote the great anti-epidemic spirit, integrate family and country feelings into personal blood, integrate personal dreams into the current of the times, use the best self to interpret loyalty to the country, and use loyalty to the country to help the greatness of the nation revival. I hope you will cultivate your mindset based on loving the school. The campus is our common home, the school is glorious, we can be glorious, and the school develops, we can get a bigger space and stage. To organically integrate "Love the school as at home" and personal growth and talent, perform the movement of "big self", "small self" and "beauty and beauty", and achieve "today you are proud of the school, and tomorrow the school will be proud of you". I hope that you will be based on morality and insist on self-cultivation. We must persist in emphasizing, respecting, and observing ethics, and constantly cultivate one's morality and lay a solid foundation for character. Cultivate moral cultivation throughout every day of college life, and use the improvement of moral level to make yourself standable and stable, and take every step of growth and talent. I hope that you will accumulate the strength for growth by standing up. We must insist on self-discipline and self-cherishment, encourage and encourage ourselves, take the perseverance and perseverance that have worked for a long time, be persistent and diligent every day, always demand ourselves with higher standards and goals, and make the pace of progress more calmly steady. President Cai hopes that the students will carry forward the excellent traditions and outstanding characters of NEEPU people, cast their original dreams with patriotism and love for the school, and build up the background of hard work through the accumulation of standing and standing, so as to release their youthful dreams and write wonderful chapters on NEEPU's fertile soil.


                  At the end of the ceremony, the teachers and students sang "Singing for the Motherland", expressing the most sincere blessings to the party and the motherland. The opening ceremony sounded the clarion call for the 2020 freshmen's college journey. hope that the 2020 freshmen will take the best wishes from the school, teachers and parents, cherish their time, work hard, overcome obstacles on the road to dream building, and achieve an extraordinary life.


                  President Cai Giving a Speech


                  Wang qingzhou Holding the Ceremony


                  Li Hongyuan Announces the List of Graduate Students of Our Schoolhttp://www.neepu.edu.cn/__local/8/66/2D/1A748F5525D85032A5EAEA187F0_D8B66B63_675FC.jpg

                  Wang Yanpeng Announces the Award List of Our School-based College Studentshttp://www.neepu.edu.cn/__local/7/95/48/03F873A471A2D5196A7F3A9FC61_334E54D3_67EB4.jpg

                  Sun Bin Announces the Winners of Our School Students Participating in Various Professional Competitionshttp://www.neepu.edu.cn/__local/8/42/36/4318DFB7FEAD89CED6976E741F6_607ACF32_A37EE.jpg

                  Awards Scene (1)


                  Awards Scene (2)


                  Awards Scene (3)


                  Awards Scene (4)


                  Awards Scene (5)


                  Awards Scene (6)


                  Freshman Representative Meng Xuanyu Speaks


                  Student Representative Zhang Mowen Speaks


                  Teacher Representative Zhang Yangrui Speaks


                  Teacher and Student Chorus "Singing for the Motherland"



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