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                  Three Students from Our University Won the Honorary Title of "University Student Self-improvement" in Jilin Province in 2019

                  2020-09-16  Click:[]

                  Recently, the results of the 2019 Jilin Province “Star of Self-improvement” sponsored by the Provincial Communist Youth League and the Provincial Student Federation were officially announced. The School of Electrical Engineering, Wan Zhaoying, the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Li Haicheng, and the School of Economics and Management, Ran Ningbo San Students are on the list.

                  The 2019 Jilin Province "University Student Self-improvement Star" search activity is based on the theme of "On the way to dreams, self-improvement". Since the start of the activity, the school league committee has proceeded in an orderly manner. It is finalized after the student's application, the college's review and recommendation, the school's review and publicity Recommend candidates to participate.

                  For a long time, the school’s Youth League Committee has actively selected and established advanced youth models, guided the majority of young students to work hard, establish a sense of social responsibility and practical spirit, and earnestly fulfill the expectations of General Secretary Xi Jinping for the younger generation, taking the advanced as an example, forging ahead, bravely shouldering the times And the important task entrusted by the people, to contribute youth to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

                  Deeds of the “University Student Self-improvement Star” in Jilin Province in 2019

                  Wan Zhaoying, female, a student from Class 185 of the School of Electrical Engineering, a member of the Communist Youth League, won one first prize, two third prizes, two outstanding prizes, and one school-level first prize in the provincial innovation and entrepreneurship competition; Participated in the Jilin Province College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program Project, one provincial-level project; two invention patents; devoted to volunteer service, won the 2019 World Robot Competition outstanding volunteer.


                  Li Haicheng, male, student of Class 171 of Nuclear Power in the School of Energy and Power Engineering, member of the Communist Party of China. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, he has signed up for volunteer work for epidemic prevention and control. He started on time every day, was serious and responsible, made zero mistakes in his work, and contributed his youth to the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.


                  Ran Ningbo, male, student of Class 181 of International Trade and Economics School, member of the Communist Youth League. Due to an accident, he was identified as a fourth-degree physical disability, but he was physically disabled and committed to public welfare. During the epidemic, he served more than 5,000 people and volunteered more than 600 hours; he devoted himself to the work of poverty alleviation and relocation in his hometown of Guizhou. Visited 1,420 households in resettlement sites, distributed 1,575 publicity materials, and contributed youth to poverty alleviation.




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