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    Two majors of our university have passed the Chinese Engineering Education Professional Certification

    2020-08-31  Click:[]

    Recently, the China Engineering Education Professional Certification Association released a list of engineering education certifications in 2019. Our school's electrical engineering, automation, and automation are among the two majors. From January 2020 to December 2025, the validity period is 6 years. This is the first time that the engineering major of our school has passed the national engineering education professional certification, which provides a benchmark and model for professional certification and connotation construction.

    Participating in the professional certification of engineering education is an important measure to promote the reform of engineering education and improve the quality of engineering education. In 2016, China became a full member of the "Washington Agreement", an international undergraduate engineering degree mutual recognition agreement, which means that students who have passed the engineering education professional certification can obtain the engineer qualification in the relevant country or region in accordance with the requirements of professional engineers. Engineering students go to the world to provide "passports" with international mutual recognition quality standards.

    In recent years, the school has attached great importance to professional certification work, strengthened the top-level design, made overall planning and deployment, promoted implementation in batches, regularly organized special work promotion meetings, and inspected and guided professional certification work. With the careful organization of the college, the implementation of the implementation by teachers and students, the close cooperation of functional departments and the concerted collaboration, a solid work foundation has been laid for the certification of the profession. Especially with the National Education Conference, the school further implements the spirit of the National Education Conference and the spirit of the National Undergraduate Education Conference in the New Era, focusing on the comprehensive improvement of talent training capabilities, and the engineering education professional certification as the starting point. The engineering certification concept of "student-centered, result-oriented, continuous improvement" has further highlighted professional construction and actively built a high-quality talent training system, which has achieved significant results.

    After our school's building environment and energy application engineering major passed the professional evaluation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China in 2019, the two majors successfully passed the professional certification of the China Engineering Education Professional Certification Association, which is our school's professional certification work new breakthrough. The school will take engineering education certification as an important starting point for professional construction, further promote the implementation of the concept of "student-centered, result-oriented, and continuous improvement", continue to deepen the construction of professional connotation, and continuously improve the level of education and teaching and the quality of talent training, and contribute to the country's energy Contribute to the cultivation and reserve of talents in the power industry.