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    Northeast Electric Power University 70th Anniversary

    2020-08-21  Click:[]

    In the past seventy years, experiencing great hardship. Northeast Electric Power University, the same age as the People`s Republic of China held a grand ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary on the morning of September 8 at the Stadium of the East campus.

    Before the ceremony, Li Dongling, chairman of the discipline inspection commission, introduced the leaders and guests who attended the ceremony and the company which sent their congratulatory letters.

    Li Dongling introduces the leaders and guests who attend the ceremony and the companies which send their congratulatory letters

    Che Xiulan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People's Congress; Zhu Yongpeng, former general manager of China Guodian Corporation; Chen Hai'an, former chief engineer of a department of Navy, rear admiral; Huang Qili, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Jin Hongguang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lin Leikun, deputy inspection of the Jilin Provincial Department of Education; Wang Tingkai, secretary of Jilin municipal Committee of CPC; Liu Fei, mayor of Jilin Municipal People's Government; Wang Desheng, chairman of Jilin CPPCC; Wang Jiuling, former deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, member of party group, and external director of China Ordnance Industry Group Co.; Xie Changjun,formerdeputy general manager of China Guodian Corporation ; Zhang Xianchong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and executive director of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd; Wang Shumin, deputy general manager and member of party of the National Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd.; Pang Songtao, Standing Committee of the party and deputy general manager of China General Nuclear Power Group; Zhang Qiping, former chief engineer of State Grid Corporation; Fan Haibin, former director of evaluation and investment director of China Development Bank; Lv Weiye, former chairman of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co.; Yin Changxin, former vice director of safety of State Grid Corporation; Ni Mingjiang, Standing Committee of the partyand vice executive president of Zhejiang University and other leaders from other provinces, cities and enterprises, college leaders from Strathclyde University, Utah State University, Yamagata University and other internatioal sisiter universities, President Yang Yongping from North China Electric Power University, President Li Hexing from Shanghai University of Electric Power and other leaders of China Electric Power University Alliance, Zhao Hongwei, Vice President of Jilin University, and other university leaders in China and abroad, Zhang Xiaolin, Wu Xueguang, Wei Haiqiao, Wu Xiaobin and other experts, leaders of energy and power industry and related enterprises and institutions, former leaders of NEEPU such as Lu Chulong, Song Jiaxuan, Zhang Lianbin, Mu Gang and Zhao Shuhua. Former teachers from NEEPU such as Luo Jishou, Sun Jian, Wang Baochun and other, as well as alumni from China and abroad attended the ceremony. More than 160 domestic and foreign universities, enterprises and institutions and alumni associations sent their congratulations.

    Li Guoqing, chairman of the university council, hosted the ceremony and announced the ceremony began!

    Li Guoqing hosts the ceremony.

    Fired 70 times to salute the celebration of the NEEPU 70th anniversary, the deafening sound means the university’s rapid development in all aspects.

    The feature film "Dreaming & Forwarding" broadcasted.

    Raising the national flag and singing the national anthem

    Wang Shumin, member of the party group and deputy general manager of the National Energy Investment Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the power industry."NEEPU's 70 years is a witness to the vigorous development of China's energy and power industry, and is the epitome of the development and progress of higher education in New China." He highly praised NEEPU for promoting the prosperity of the power industry, serving social and economic development and social progress which is an irreplaceable important contribution. He hopes that the National Energy Investment Group and Northeast Electric Power University will continue to support each other and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and make greater contribution to serve the Chinese dream and the new era of energy and electric power industry to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    Speech by Wang Shumin

    Zhang Fuxuan, deputy chief engineer and director of the Northeast Branch of the State Grid, delivered a speech on behalf of the power grid company and conveyed the best wishes of the chairman Kou Wei to the university. “Northeast Electric Power University has gone through the glory of the 70-year history, and has passed through the vicissitudes of life, and the culture has been passed on.” Northeast Electric Power University, as a former institution directly under the Ministry of Electric Power, has the same origin as the State Grid Corporation. The two sides have maintained close cooperative relations in personnel training and scientific research. We look forward to further cooperation in the future, work together for a win-win, and engrave the future of the two sides.

    Speech by Zhang Fuxuan

    President Cai Guowei delivered a speech on behalf of the university. "A history of NEEPU carries not only the history of the development of a university, but also the gorgeous movements of our university and the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, the development of energy and electric power. It has stirred up the deafening and inspiring times of the strong sounds and historical resounds."NEEPU established 70 years, showing the history of the brilliant entrepreneurship of NEEPU people, the history of dedication, the history of advancing, the history of loyalty to the country, and the spirit of casting history. "The wind is full of sails and the sea is wide, and the merits are established at the time." Northeast Electric Power University will adhere to the guidelines of Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the new era, fully implement the party's educational policy, and work hard to achieve a new journey of high-level teaching and research universities with distinctive characteristics. Vigorously improve the level of personnel training, vigorously promote the construction of teaching staff, vigorously cultivate scientific and technological innovation capabilities, vigorously serve economic and social development, and vigorously promote cultural heritage innovation. Standing at the new starting point of the new era, NEEPU people will inherit the NEEPU gene, carry forward the NEEPU tradition, and re-create the glory of NEEPU. It will be worthy of the times, worthy of the people, and worthy of the mission to write a new era of high-level university construction. "The pen for endeavor", for the development of the national energy and electric power industry, to make a new and greater "NEEPU contribution" to realize the " Two Centenary Goals " and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

    Speech by Cai Guowei

    Brian Green, Deputy Associate Principal of University of Strathclyde, UK, delivered a speech on behalf of international sister universities. “University of Strathclyde and Northeast Electric Power University established an international exchange relationship in 2003. Two universities have carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation in teaching, academic achievement, scientific research, and teacher training, which greatly promoted two universities’ education development and cultural exchange. He hopes that the two sides will enhance mutual friendship and achieve more achievements in promoting the internationalization of education and Northeast Electric Power University would made greater achievements in the future.

    Speech by Brian Green

    Yang Yongping, president of North China Electric Power University, delivered a speech on behalf of domestic sister universities. "Since the establishment of the Northeast Electric Power University, it has formed its own Characteristics in talent training, scientific research, social services and cultural heritage innovation, and has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the development of the energy and power industry, which has greatly expanded the local economic and social development." Standing in the new era, he hopes two universities will carry out higher-level, closer and more effective deep cooperation, seek common development, and share the great achievements.

    Speech by Yang Yongping

    Jin Hongguang, alumni of Thermal Power Engineering 781, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech on behalf of the alumni in china and abroad. "Earth is huge, NEEPU is home, and the alma mater is the place we love. Even the 70 years still cannot express how I love NEEPU"."AtThe 70th birthday of the China, we build NEEPU and hope she could be much betterin the future.” I sincerely hope that my alma mater will train more and more outstanding innovative talents. Take advantage of the energy revolution, take the 70th birthday as a new starting point, develop and innovate, firmly grasp the historical opportunities of education to create new glory future!

    Speech by Jin Hongguang

    Yan Gangui, Distinguished professors of “Changjiang Scholars Program”, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the national level, engineering candidates for national talents, winner of the state council government special allowances, doctoral supervisor spoke on behalf of the university teachers. He said, “Northeast Electric Power University is where my dream started. I have been witnessing the glory of the university since I started work here. I feel very proud of this." As a teacher, I will adhere to the spirit of motto “Diligence, Rigorousness, Truth-seeking, Innovation", and adhere to the mission of teaching and educating people. I will implementSelf-improvement, self-improvement, and accumulation of talents, scientific research, discipline construction and other important tasksto make new and greater contributions to the construction of high-level universities.

    Speech by Yan Gangui

    Li Guoqing said we need face a new era at a new starting point, the university will hold high the great banner of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, unswervingly follow the development path of socialist education with Chinese Characteristics, fully implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, uphold the party's leadership. Continuing to deepen reform, and be determined to innovate to realize satisfactory education. With the initial persistence and perseverance, we will provide strong intellectual support for the country's economic, social development and the development of energy and power industry and make a greater contribution to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    The ceremony was closing with the singing of “Ode to the motherland ".

    Xinhua News Agency, CNR News, People's Daily Online, China News, China Education News Web, Guangming Daily, China Electric Power News, National Grid News, Jilin Daily, the new cultural newspaper, City Evening News etc. a number of media reporters reported on the ceremony.