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                      School of Economics and Management is responsible for teaching task of the Programs for International Graduates: Business Administration, Techno-economics and Management, Accounting, Enterprise Management and Project Management. Founded in 1984, School of Economics and Management (SEM), originally known as Department of Management Engineering, is NEEPU base for cultivating high-quality, high-level personnel and academic research in the field of economics and management. SEM offers six undergraduate programs, and there are Accounting, Information Management and Information System, Business Administration, International Economics and Trade, Marketing and International Economics and Trade degree program jointly operated with USU. SEM has five labs: “Information Management and Information Systems Laboratory”, “Simulation complex Lab of Modern Accounting”, Lab of International Economics and Trade”, “Simulation Lab of Enterprises Management”, “Marketing Lab”, and one Innovative Test Base for College Students. SEM consists of Department of Economics, Department of Management and Research Institute for Techno-economics and Management. There are over 100 graduate students and over 1000 undergraduate students.

                      Northeast electric Power University adapts to the needs of state electric power industry and economic construction of Jilin province actively. Taking electric power as its main feature, a most complete and multidisciplinary discipline system has taken shape. The university has 14 schools and departments, 50 undergraduate programs, covering 8 types of disciplines, which are engineering, science, management, liberal arts, law, economics and education. NEEPU has 3 first-grade subjects of doctoral degree and 14 first-grade subjects and 58 second-grade subjects of master degree. Currently, NEEPU has about 21,000 full-time students and over 1,500 faculties and administrative staff.

                      SEM possesses sufficient teaching resources, reasonable structure and active academic thoughts. There are forty faculties for Business Administration Program, and of 40 faculties, there are fifteen professors, sixteen associate professors, twenty four faculties hold their doctor degree. Twenty faculties successively studied further in South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. In recent years, SEM has three NEEPU Outstanding Teachers, four Youth Teaching Models, two Province Level Outstanding Courses, five Province Level Excellent Courses and one Province Level Featured Specialty. SEM faculties published more than four hundred academic papers at provincial level journals and above, and over twenty academic works. SEM has undertaken over one hundred national, provincial, ministerial planning projects and projects funded by the province and related administrations. SEM’s research fund has reached about five million RMB Yuan. Over twenty research achievements won province and ministry level scientific and technological progress awards, and a number of research achievements won municipality and department level scientific and technological progress awards.

                      Affiliated to Power System and its Automation program, SEM started to enroll graduate students for Management Engineering Program in 1985. Techno-economics Management Program was approved to enroll students in 1996. In 2006, Enterprise Management Program was approved, and started to enroll students in 2007. Business Administration Program was named the first-class discipline in 2011, and started to enroll students in 2012. Techno-economics Management Program and Accounting Program as the second-class discipline of Business Program stated to enroll students independently. As of now, the Program has 352 graduates and 57 postgraduate students. Project Management Program started to enroll on-the-job engineering postgraduates in 2004, and the Program has enrolled 459 students and about 300 have graduated. As of now, SEM offers business administration master program (the first-class discipline), and techno-economics management master program, accounting master program and enterprise management (the second-class discipline). International postgraduate students can apply either the first-class discipline program or Techno-economics and Management and Accounting of the second-class discipline programs.

                      Length of schooling for English Taught Graduate Programs (Business Administration, Techno-economics and Management, Accounting) is two years. The programs enroll international applicants who have bachelor degree and have a good command of English. The Programs offer fifteen credit-bearing courses. The program student, completing 26 credits, passing thesis defense, will receive a graduate diploma and a Master’s Degree from School of Economics and Management at NEEPU.

                  The program characteristics

                  The program mainly embodies its characteristics in two aspects:

                  1. The program focuses on interactive practice teaching with industries. The program will provide students with internship opportunities in outstanding industries within the area, such as closely connected power enterprises, China FAW Group--cradle of China automotive industry and China National Petroleum Corporation, etc. The program students' personal interests and career intentions will be taken into consideration when NEEPU helps target their internship industries and leads them to understand the use of theoretical knowledge in the course of practice. The program will also invite specialists to have lectures and exchange with the students in the classroom.

                  2. A curriculum of cognition for electric power is introduced into the program. Relying on NEEPU’s characteristics and advantages in the field of power industry, the program curriculum not only keeps pace with international famous management schools, but also offers featured elective courses: Energy Economics, Energy Management Systems and Electricity Management Markets, etc.

                  Admission Guide

                  1. Requirements for admission: Applicants should have bachelor’s degree

                  2. Application documents

                  a. Application Form for International Students of Northeast Electric Power University
                  (Download website:

                  b. Two copies of Notarized Undergraduate Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree (applicant should provide study certificate if you are studying at a university) (All documents in a language other than Chinese or English must be translated into English and notarized)

                  c. Official transcripts (All documents in a language other than Chinese or English must be translated into English and notarized)

                  d. Study plan written in English

                  e. Two recommendation letters sealed in Chinese or English written by associate professor or professor

                  f. Copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. Please take the original one when you come to China.
                  (Download website:

                  g. Copy of Passport

                  3. Time of enrollment: late August, 2017

                  4. Application deadline for admission: June 30, 2017

                  5. Length of schooling and language of instruction: 2 years, English

                  6. Planned enrollment figure: 30 students each year

                  7. Tuition and fees

                  a. Registration fee: 400 Yuan RMB
                  b. Tuition: 35,000 Yuan RMB each year
                  c. Insurance fee: 800 Yuan RMB each year

                  8. Application process

                  a. All applicants need send the Application Form and other application documents to songqiang@neepu.edu.cn

                  b. Notice of Admission and JW202 Form will be sent in a week once applicants are admitted. Applicants apply for X 1 Visa in local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with Admission Notice and JW-202 Form. Applicants need to take original application documents and register at Office of International Cooperation and Exchange on time.

                  9. Contact information

                  Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Northeast Electric Power University
                  Room 521, the Main  Building, 169 Changchun Rd. Jilin City, Jilin, China.
                  Postcode: 132012
                  Fax: +86-432-64884186
                  Website: http://www.neepu.edu.cn


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