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                  (I) Admission type: Full-time master's or doctoral candidates.

                  (2) Term of study and time of admission

                  1)   The term of study in Business Administration and its secondary disciplines is 2 years, and the term of study in other majors is 3 years.

                  2)   Admission time: September.

                  (3) Applicant's qualifications

                  1)   Non-Chinese citizens in good health.

                  2)   Educational background and age requirements:

                  i.     Applicants applying for master's degree in China must hold a bachelor degree, be under the age of 35, and pass HSK level 4

                  ii.    Applicants who apply for a doctoral degree in China must hold a master's degree, be under the age 40, and pass HSK level 4

                  (4) Contents of the Scholarship: Full scholarship

                  1) Exempt tuition.

                  2) Accommodation fee: Free dormitories are provided.

                        If a student chooses to live off-campus with the approval of the university, the university will pay the accommodation subsidy monthly. The standard is: 700 RMB/month for postgraduate students; doctoral candidate: 1000 RMB/month.

                  3) Allowance for living expenses: 3,000 RMB/month for postgraduate students; 3,500 RMB/month for doctoral degree students.

                  4) Provide comprehensive medical insurance.

                  (5) Application method:

                  First apply online (http://www.campuschina.org/, Northeast Electric Power University admissions code is 10188).

                  After successfully applied online, please send the following paper materials to the International Student Office of the International Cooperation Office of Northeast Electric Power University. Two copies of each of the following materials should be provided:

                  1) Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship original and photocopy in Chinese or English.

                  2) Notarized certificate of highest education. A notarized Chinese or English translation is required.

                  3) Transcript: Translation in Chinese or English must be attached and notarized

                  4) Study and research plan in China. Written in Chinese or English.

                  5) Letters of recommendation. Submit letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors in Chinese or English.

                  6) Copy of Foreign Physical Examination Records. (Originals are kept by themselves. This form is printed by Chinese health and quarantine authorities and can be downloaded from CSC website). Please bring the original form with you when you come to China.

                  7) Copy of passport.

                  8) Copy of HSK Level 4 certificate.

                  9) Certificate of No Criminal Record. (In some countries, due to the functions of government agencies and other reason, the applicant cannot obtain the certificate of no criminal record can sign the letter of commitment of no criminal record to replace the certificate of No criminal record, see appendix: http://www.susantetoncampbell.com/Admision/Application_Form_Download.htm)

                  Note :(1) Fax copies of application materials will not be accepted;  

                  (2) The above application materials will not be returned regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not.

                  (6) Application deadline: April 30 (arrival date of materials)


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