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    Northeast Electric Power University (NEEPU) is located at Jilin City, Jilin province, a beautiful city with fine sceneries. Northeast Electric Power University is one of the key universities in Jilin province. Founded in 1949, it is the first electric power engineering school launched by the People’s Republic of China. In 1958, it was named Jilin Institute of Electric Power and in 1978, its name was changed to Northeast China Institute of Electric Power Engineering. In 2005, the university changed its name to Northeast Dianli University. In 2009, the university became a doctorate degree awarding project approval construction unit. In 2012, the university was selected as one of the key construction universities of “Midwest Universities’ Basic Capacity Construction Project”.In 2016, the university changed its English name to Northeast Electric Power University.

    Taking talent training, scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance and innovation as its missions, Northeast Electric Power University adapts to the needs of state electric power industry and economic construction of Jilin province actively. Taking electric power as its main feature, a most complete and multidisciplinary discipline system has taken shape. The university has 14 schools and departments, 50 undergraduate programs, covering 8 types of disciplines, which are engineering, science, management, liberal arts, law, economics and education. The university is a doctoral degree awarding unit, with electrical engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics and control science and engineering as its first-grade subjects of doctoral degree. NEEPU has 2 post-doctoral research station and 14 first-grade subjects and 58 second-grade subjects of master degree. NEEPU has 9 specifically advantaged key disciplines at the provincial level, including 4 provincial top prior subjects,  4 authorized master degree programs which are GCT (including 7 authorized fields), MSPE and MTI and 1 new crossing discipline. NEEPU is authorized to recommend excellent undergraduates to go on to study at graduate schools. Currently, NEEPU has over 21,000 full-time students.

    NEEPU has over 1,500 teaching and administrative staff, among which over 500 are with a senior title. The university has 2 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (double hiring), 2 first batch of candidates of the Ten Thousand Talent Program, 2 National Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel, 3 Middle-aged and Young Experts with Special Contributions at the National Level, 5 Candidates of the National Project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand” Professionals for New Century, 36 people who share the Government Special Allowance, 1 Great Teachers at the National Level. The university has 2 innovative teams of “Project Supported by the Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University of Ministry of Education of China” and 2 National Outstanding Teaching Teams, and 1 the first batch of national university Huang Danian-style teachers teaching team.

    NEEPU insists on taking teaching as its core mission, builds and keeps on optimizing the system of creative talents actively. At present, NEEPU has 5 special majors at the national level, and 4 courses of NEEPU have been chosen as elaborate courses at the national level. NEEPU has 2 Experiment Education Model Center at the national level, 1 Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center at the national level and 10 at the provincial level. Since the 11th Five-Year Plan, 3 teaching achievements have won outstanding prizes at the national level. NEEPU is one of the national education bases for university students’ cultural quality and one of the national level training and scientific research bases for social sports talents. NEEPU is among the first batch of engineering practical education centers at the national level and it is one of the experimental universities of “the Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan”. It is also one of the national continuing education bases for professionals.

    Adhering to the scientific research policy of “facing great needs of the country, actively serving the development of local economic society”, NEEPU keeps on enhancing its academic research level and scientific innovation ability. NEEPU has 2 engineering labs jointly constructed by the state and the local, 1 national university Science Park, 2 key labs of Ministry of Education (engineering research center), 25 ministerial and provincial key laboratories and research centers including key laboratories of Ministry of Education which are constructed jointly by Jilin province and Ministry of Education and Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education and 4 great need collaborative innovation centers in Jilin province. In the recent 5 years, NEEPU undertakes over 1,800 scientific research projects from “973 Program”, “863 Program”, National Natural Science Fund and National Technology Support Project. NEEPU has made many high standard research achievements. 3 second prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress Prize and 143 Provincial and Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress Prize are granted. NEEPU has made great contributions to scientific research, electric power industry and the construction and development of local economy.

    The university has actively conducted kinds of academic exchange and cooperation with colleges and universities or scientific research institutions in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Russia, Republic of Korea, Germany and many other countries chronologically. In 1998, the university was authorized to enroll foreign students. In 2000, approved by the Office of Academic Degree of the State Council, NEEPU began an undergraduate degree program jointly operated with Utah State University. In 2012, Ministry of Education approved the undergraduate programme of Electrical Engineering and Its Automation between NEEPU and University of Strathclyde. In 2011, NEEPU became one of the universities being authorized to send the young and middle-aged core teachers abroad for advanced training. In 2013, the university was authorized by the Ministry of Education to be a Chinese Government Scholarship university.

    NEEPU has been honored as National Civilized Units, National Advanced Units for Democratic Management, National Model Collective of Ethnic Solidarity and Progress, Home of National Model Workers, National Top 50 Universities-Typical Employment Experiences of Graduates, and Advanced Grass-roots Party Organizations of Jilin Province in recent years. NEEPU has an excellent group of teachers with National Outstanding Professional Technical Talents, Advanced Individuals of National Staff’s Professional Ethics Construction, The “Three Eight” Red-Banner Pacesetters, National Outstanding Ideological and Political Educators, National Outstanding Party Workers. Students of NEEPU have obtained honors such as National Self-improvement Stars of College Students.

    NEEPU aims at beoming a satisfying univeristy of the public and educating qualified and reliable successors of the socialism during the 13rd Five-Year Plan. Taking satisfying the public and cultivating high-quality personnel as its aims, carrying out the strategy of “Talent Strengthening the University, Creativity Driving the University, Characteristics Prospering the University” thoroughly, NEEPU keeps on freeing its mind, advancing with the times and being pioneering and creative. In order to become a high-level teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics, NEEPU is making great efforts continuously.