For the women who strive for a long and healthy life, Chef Teton, offers an integrated opportunity to experience the Golden Elixir in life. Nourishing our bodies and the Earth equally is the path to vibrant longevity.

Do you want to look more beautiful and have more energy? Do you want enhanced mental focus? Are concerned about acquiring debilitating diseases or exacerbating those that already ail you?  Are you overweight and hate it? Do your joints hurt? Is your digestion slower than you would like it to be? Are you exasperated at what to feed yourself or your children? Do you want to eat healthy but don’t seem to have the time? Are you confused about what foods are healthy? Would you love more creativity in your life and more fulfilling sensual experiences?

I’ve answered each of these questions at one time or another with a resounding “yes”, so I sought answers.  I’ve experienced food making a dramatic difference in my appearance, vitality, flexibility, health and happiness. Now you can too! Food is a primary lifestyle choice that we have almost total power over, and with the right choices, it’s gifts just keeps on giving.

My discoveries are now yours with a variety of products to help you transform your life and transform your body.

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I love, love, love the DVD’s, they have so much information and everything is done so tastefully (literally). What a great series to help any health conscience individual get the most out of the best foods possible and taste so amazing. I would have to say that I have so much connected with this type of eating. You make everything so scrumptious! You truly have a gift. This is a way I can really eat and feel wonderful. Thank you, Thank you for paying attention to those of us who are a visual type of people.”

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