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    The 16th Academic Annual Meeting and Technical Exchange Mee... 2020/11/19
    The School Held a Grand Opening Ceremony for 2020 Students 2020/10/28
    The Signing Ceremony for School-enterprise Cooperation Betw... 2020/10/13
    Three Students from Our University Won the Honorary Title o... 2020/09/16
    The Academic Affairs Office was awarded "Jilin Province Rev... 2020/09/03
    Two majors of our university have passed the Chinese Engine... 2020/08/31
    Professor Li Guoqing was elected as a Fellow of the Chinese... 2020/08/31
    Scientific Research Teams of NEEPU Honored as‘Huang Danian... 2020/08/21

    Northeast Electric Power University (NEEPU) is located at Jilin City, Jilin province, a beautiful city with fine sceneries. Northeast Electric Power University is one of the key universities in Jilin province. Founded in 1949, it is the first electric power engineering school launched by the People’s Republic of China...

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